Heja Rahiminia


This collection started in 2009 with a typological approach. Throughout my journeys to various regions in Iranian Kurdistan and several cities from Iraqi Kurdistan, I focused my photos mainly on a generation who had lived a special social, cultural, and political life – people who were different and outstanding in appearance, too, and are decreasing in number day after day. The people from this generation have had a distinctive relationship with the collective memory and the untold history of their land – a history intertwined with unwanted war, destruction, death, failure and denial. This narration, of course, is not the only aspect of these people’s lives. Along with the disasters, they have always embraced happiness and resistance deep at the bottom of their souls.

The photos of this collection have been taken using analogue photography technique and developed manually in the darkroom.

“Amaje” means “indication” and “remind” in Kurdish.