In Guillemet

Within the struggle between ones desire to survive (said to be a basic instinct), and ones ‘love of life’ (that now requires separation and isolation), the opportunity sometime arises to look at others and ourselves. 

Now that each of us is sitting in our own boat and has accepted the circle of life, which there is no hope of changing, it is time to take another look at our possessions. A portion of our (Tarahan Azad) assets is our friendship with artists for whom we hold a solo exhibition of their work once every few years. We now have the opportunity to shine a new light on one artist each week. We have asked them all to make their last three creations available to “Guillemet” (which is the name we have chosen for this project). Like it or not, this collection will at least have a commonality, the date of creation. All of these works of art will have been made during a crisis of contagion, and without a doubt, will convey the sentiment and artistic reactions of these times. We hope that our “Guillemet” project will not be limited to the dissemination of three works of art by one artist, but that it will also stimulate a multilateral discourse.

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