• Reading, understanding and re-explaining the intellectual and artistic currents of contemporary art is one of the research necessities which can reveal various aspects of Iranian painting that have remained hidden, and despite their intellectual and technical diversity to gather them in an orderly and clear manner thus creating an opportunity for a fresh interpretation.
    With this same objective the exhibition Landscape attempts to group landscapes from the past to the present by the perspectives and experiences of Iranian painters and display them for gallery visitors. The continuity of such exhibitions can eventually assist researchers and scholars who by observing the importance of variety, attitude and the reasons for their formation through the times, the history of Iranian contemporary art can be analyzed and edited and be observed with a critical eye.
    The Association of Iranian Painters is determined to continue on this right path with the assistance and support of visual artists and is attempting to do all that is possible to fill this lack of research and nonexistence of ‘image archives’. In this endeavor the existence of a curator as an aware individual with attention to detail, is without reservation a necessity that multiplies the importance of such a research exhibition. The board of directors of the Association of Iranian Painters, thanks the curator of this exhibition, Rosita Sharafjahan, as well as the esteemed cooperating artists and collectors, and hopes that other similar future endeavors continue to take place along these same lines with the continued efforts of the members of the visual arts community.

    Massoumeh Mozafari
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Iranian Painters