• Born in 1966 in Iran, Ghazel works between Paris and Tehran. Her work is polymorphic: video, performance, drawing and installation are mediums through which she performs her "act of resistance"
    In the first episode of her intervention at the gallery Nivet Carzon, the exhibition shows two series of works: Oil Spill and Black Hole.
    The drawings of the Oil Spill series are metaphors on geopolitical issues related to oil, war and corruption; they symbolize the powers and conflicts on our planet. The maps with an additional layer by color. Ghazel let the names of the oceans in the works, as if only these were legitimate names on a map.
    Black Hole is a series of performance videos, where the artist draws with chalk stories on a blackboard. The title of this work refers to the black surface for drawings to be born and die, being erased at the end of each performance.
    Curated by Azad Asifovich
    Opening: Thursday, November 3 from 18h
    Open Wednesday Nov 4, to Sunday Nov 13, from 14.30 to 19.30 and on appointment.