• At the closing day of Sarve Noghrei, 4th Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers' Association, Aria Kasaei and Omid Nemalhabib were among the chosen artists for the awards.
    Omid Nemalhabib won the Sarve Tabari, for designing the visual identity of Tamashaneh Iranshahr. Aria Kasaei, the co-winner of Sarve Shiraz, section of book layout and design for the books Fereydoun Ave, The Designer and Ardeshir, Khatte Tire. The fromer is about the works of design one of the major figures of Iranian art. Unveiling celebreation of Fereydoun Ave, The Designer was held last november at Azad Art Gallery at an exhibition by the same name. The book (and the exhibition) has been researched curated by Ali Bakhtiari and Aria Kasaei.