An attempt to understand the notion of exile. Article 9 of the Universal Declatation of Human Rights states that

    „No one shall be subjected to arbitraty arrest, detention or exile“.

    Six female artists from diverse countries are facing exile, personally and / or historically. Being away from home, not being able to return: Exile is considered as a capital punishment since Roman law, but since now human beings have to suffer this pain and sentence.. Does exile and migration influence the artistic process and how do artists deal with it? An exhibition on the fight for freedom, understanding and against discrimination. Six different stories, six critical approaches,six personal interpretations and narratives.

    Shahrzad Changalvaee (IRAN) / Parastou Forouhar (IRAN), Regina Jose Galindo (GUATEMALA) en colaboración con Jorge de Leon, Proyectos Ultravioleta / Fritzia Iriziar (MEXICO) en colaboración con Oscar Garcia / Camila Lobos (CHILE), Amna Suheyl (PAKISTAN)
    Opening: Wednesday, September 25 / 7 pm

    Short Film Screening: The Killer (Exilio)
    Production: ElBambino Films - Oscarito Sanchez
    Director: Angel Martinez
    Performance: Camilla Lobos

    Talk with Parastou Forouhar
    Friday, October 4, 2019 / 7pm