• In the shops, among the monuments, at the windows, on a door, in a corner of the Esquiline, there are the works of artists belonging to or invited by the Arco di Gallieno association. Each artist adopts a site choosing it by affinity, by affection, by thematic empathy. The interventions are not conditioned by any limit of either size or technique. The works are permanently hosted in the places. With AdottArt, in fact, we intend to create a widespread museum in the neighborhood, establishing a continuous relationship with its economic fabric and its history.

    Antonella Albani, Fabio Alecci, Navid Azimi Sajadi, Michel Bedouin, Clara Casoni, Franco Cenci, Primarosa Cesarini Sforza, Lea Contestabile, Sabina D’Angelosante, Gianluca Esposito, Toni Esposito, Stefania Fabrizi, Elizabeth Frolet, Carlo Grossi, Mark Kostabi, Samantha Iovenitti, Massimo Livadiotti, Amedeo Longo, Michele Marinaccio, Leonella Masella, Patrizia Molinari, Lucilla Monardi, Elly Nagaoka, Beatrice Pasquet, Elena Pinzuti, Elisabetta Pizzichetti, Massimo Ruiu

    idea of the project
    Franco Cenci

    coordinator group
    Franco Cenci, Michele Marinaccio, Beatrice Pasquet, Elisabetta Pizzichetti

    curating Adottart3
    Michela Becchis, Roberta Melasecca

    The picture shows the place of each artist’s artwork on the map