• Five female Iranian artists in Castello del Monferrato, the city of Casale Monferrato, Italy
    Iranian society has experienced numerous events during the modern and contemporary periods. Revolutions, coups d’états, strikes, sanctions, repressions, tyranny, and war have been repeated over and over, being experienced by almost every Iranian generation. The situation has been particularly difficult for women throughout the years because they have had to define and establish their position as one half of a rapidly changing society, traversing from tradition toward modernity and back again. Women have had to constantly redefine their position, in the same way as Iranian society itself has had to newly experience and delineate everything time and again.

    This exhibition presents works from five female Iranian artists, Parvaneh Etemadi, Nargess Hashemi, Farah Ossouli, Rozita Sharafjahan and Golnaz Taheri, and curator Tarlan Rafiee who represent a part of the modern and contemporary story of Iran, from the Persian Constitutional Revolution to the present day. (Link)

    The exhibition "Good Morning... Good Night!" launched for the first time in Mantova and at the Ducal Palace Museum of Mantova in March 2018 and now the city of Casale Monferrato is hosting the exhibition at the Castello del Monferrato.
    The exhibition opened on October 13, 2018 and will continue until December 2, 2018.