Popular protest Againdt Medicine Sanction
Toraj Saberivand

2014 January

“Art” is no longer about aesthetics, as the ugliness of politics and power had overcome the beauty of the art. It’s also no longer about the artist and her/his own experience of solitude, as there’s no such thing due to violation of personal privacy by media empires. And anyone who in this hideous modern world is trading beauty by creating meaningless work, has to name her/his useless products “Art” to guarantee her/his dealers’ profit. How you can be thinking about beauty in a world full of ugliness and murder, is a paradox similar to politicians talking about human rights and killing that humans at he same time. The same politicians that bomb houses to rescue the people in that houses from oppression and dictatorship. Art, as I understand, can be the representation of the people’s experience from obscenity of this modern world, and its audience can be human conscience and the history, instead of art dealers.

Now I’m writing this to Mr. Ban Ki-moon:
Mr. Secretary-General, Although United Nations in its millennium statement has obligated itself to provide continuous and cheap access to vital drugs and medication to people in developing countries before 2015, Sanctions of founds or money transfer of Iran imposed by the west, has made importing medication and drug to Iran very hard if not impossible. Although recently there are some movements to reduce this sanctions but it will not be a reason to ignore what happened to people in my country during these days.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, each of the people participated in “Popular Protest” and signed it are requesting you to use any tools and opportunities available to you, as the Secretary-General of United Nations, to stop continuation of existing sanctions And approval of any new sanctions permanently that causes harm to people’s health & life directly or indirectly in any place in this world. This is a worldwide request based on concepts of sustainable development and this project is an “Art Work” that have been created by people so it would be a record in history of what politicians have done with the people.

Touraj Saberivand