Mahtab's Melting Ponit
Mahtab Safaie

2012 October

The life of human beings can find its meaning depending on lapse of time, sometimes he falls behind and distance or he waits to catch it. So we are who define the word of time and give meaning to date of birth-the starting point of our life-.
But who he is born, has no idea about the date and time of his birth and without passing the time he would not know anything about these concepts. Thus people do not remember their date of birth if they are not told; these are just some numbers imputed to us.
I restricted my date of birth in metal barriers depending on its time and place; amongst them my life is melting and fluxing like a river, it points out the lapse of time and lifetime that no one can return.
Mahtab Safaie
Tehran- October 2012
Translated by Hamide Atashpa