Hamed Sahihi


The word “Yazesh” cannot be defined in any simpler and shorter term. In Farsi dictionaries its definitions are many: Intention and Will, Tendency, Orientation, Movement, Development and Growth, Long, Tension, Stretch and Bend.
This beautiful and rarely used verb in Farsi language indicates the most vital element. Whatever goes on in nature is the act of Yazesh. Roots, Branches, Hands, Vessels, Nerves, Feet, Fingers, Toes, Wings and ... are all in a Yazesh in one another and towards each other. The act of Yazesh, in all walks of life, from its earliest forms such as the different types of nutrition and reproduction to thought and feelings, is the most vital verb. Yazesh between the two sexes from any life forms makes its continuity possible and this is how it transforms two different beings into one Specie.