Eshrat Safavian Erfanian

The 4th and 5th Version

As a visual artist, I have always been interested in the transformation of landscape to environment, both as subject and image. With the advent of the industrial revolution and now globalization and the rapid advancement of new technologies, more than ever, we are witnessing an accelerated speed in which this transformation is taking place. If with scientific discoveries during the Renaissance, artists introduced perspective (the virtual space) into the two-dimensional surfaces. This question arises that how the new technology will affect our depiction of the world around us?

The three-channel single projection video, exhibited in Azad Art Gallery, is a display of representational images, which eventually turn into fractals and back into their original state. This performative display of change is due to the special effect in the editing suite, which uncannily turns the images of Google Earth from various locations in Tehran into intricate patterns resembling tapestries or tiles. The audio component of this video introduces the fourth image and it is a compilation of folk and electronic music.