Mohsen Mahmoodizade

Protect Me From What I Want

This collection is the result of my research during past three years. The collection is a personal statement of the interaction between the internal natural disposition of the human subject and the natural environment which implies the agitation in the moment, along with the recording of time in vacuity. There, identity, time and perceptiveness obtain meaning. With all these colors and forms, these abstract concepts attain objective realization.
What distances the color features of this collection from the mainstream characterization of symbols in nature is the projection of internal nature. Warm and volcanic colors and the foggy and cold environment are emotive translation of the tension between internal feelings and external elements.
Not only color, but also stillness intersection, complexity of textures and the entanglement of the branches envisage the intense dynamicity of this interaction where an internal nature attains an external manifestation.
Sometimes, natural elements cease to manifest and the role of human subject steps on to the work. In some works, the artist surrenders to the enigmatic power of the internal self. Since the relationship between these two sources are always tense and incomplete, in this collection, I have attempted to demonstrate the interconnectedness between these two concepts.
In forming this collection I have decided to utilize mostly the pictures which stem from my own mind but sometimes I have used the photos and pictures of other artists as well. The name of this collection derives from the famous work of Jenny Holzer which enjoys the same name.
The approach of this collection which gets completed with the picture of my works renders a figurative character to this name.