Nazgol Shokatfadaei | Zahra Nourizonouz

Self and Selfless

-Nazgol Shokatfadaei

I m turning into someone I didnt expect. Soothing words, voices, whispers, not seeing and not hearing, all these are going to storm out. neither the words nor their causes cant be understood. I feel the heaviness of looks and blush. I laugh so loud It seems like crying. Words are jangling in my throat. Vague words from a vague place. One day. One night, one month, one year..I keep playing unconsciously. I eat reckless and walk. I cant keep my inner voice calm. Later in my room I take revenge with silence. a gloomy inscrutable face and Stone eyes. It creates a deep pleasure in me.
I wake up and turn around, not to see anyone and anything. Do "the others" exist? Are they for real or its just my imagination?
Now on the verge of night me and myself are anticipating a sincere intimacy. Warm, constant, motherly and moist with tears.

-Zahra Nourizenouz

Mankind has constantly rotated the cycle of quest for meaning within the border of reality and abstraction, so full of questions and looking for a trail of himself in everything. The concern of these pieces however is not the questions of man but the questioning quality itself.
Picturing the perplexed and exploring state of mankind within a wild nature and an infinite meadow, these paintings try to represent that there’s no subject more authentic than the human’s eternal need and search for subject and meaning in an artist’s mind.
The painter has selected the confrontation of a typical man with subjects like nature and creation as subject matter and not her own approach to them. In this equation, nature has entered the figurative state just to the extent of depicting the uncertain situation surrounding humankind and the body has got realistic visualization just to the extent of portraying human's wonder and bewilderment or inactive presence within nature, and nothing more. From that point on, only the calm and silent existence of color spots and brush strokes try to shape a formalistic shelter in order to escape the curiosities arising from content.

Kian Asharafi