Narges Mousavi

Angels Over Tehran

The Lithographs of Ajayib ol Makhlugat, was an answer to all of my subjective ambiguities about the invisible creature.

Looking at these pictures, I was seeing trees upside down. Plants growing in the clouds. Angles standing over the sky, worrying about the lost innocence of the earth.

In this book, the angles are the symbols of the good and demons are the symbols of the evil. This unfair conflict has been continued over centuries in the Iranian and world classic literature .The conflict that becomes more tangible when it comes to the folklore culture.

And now, here is Tehran.

The city in which, this unfair conflict has been continued over years. In this collection, looking for a meaning beyond the visible meaning of the city,I have tried to create pictures using imaginary forms of angels, demons and the lithographs of Ajayib ol Makhlugat,.

Looking from a more spiritual point of view, the angels and demons are in an eternal conflict to conquer the humanity over this city.Maybe, if we just raise our head, we could see the angels with giant wings flying over the sky of Tehran.

Narges Mousavi