Pejman Rahimizadeh

My Eyes: The Dense Experiences of Darkness

“Transition means desquamation; going from one shell into another; a struggle about whether a thing should remain as it is or be transformed, as time demands, between the desire for consistency and the urge for change, between stagnation and motion. Roots and branches being at loggerheads with hatchets and axes, and jasmines with sickles. On the one hand, transition is about growing, growing taller. On the other, however, its business is removing, pruning, and raising boring frameworks. One side is a continuous ivy seeking new apertures and passing through impenetrable winding paths, and the other all too happy to slaughter the stalks. This fascinating story has always been, from the dawn of time till today, likely will be through all eternity, but each time it comes back in a new disguise, changes its face, depicting itself in the form of a new icon. Each time, it is so close to the ear and so familiar to the eye one can no longer hear it, and no longer see it. But it is not enough; one must in silence listen to the movements and the cracking, to the breaking and blossoming of this painful growing. Seeing is not enough; one must watch through a new perspective the elegant walking and jubilation of the growing plants in the garden.”

Amir Hossien Siadat