Vahid Danaiefar

Outdoors, Yard

Indoors, an old house, sitting room, noon
A woman is lying on the floor under a white sheet, with Navy blue flowers and next to her I see a boy who has pulled the sheet over his face and I can make out his face under the sheet. He is trying to keep eyes squeezed shut. Fed up with the heat he brings the sheet down below his neck. The sound of a fly buzzing around can be heard. The boy sweeps the fly away from himself in a het up mood. He opens his eyes cautiously and looks at the clock which seems as though it has stopped. He pulls the sheet a little bit lower and puts it to one side gently. He wants to move, to get up but the room is too quiet. He turns to one side and thinks that he has heard a sound, he stops motionless in that position. He thinks he has woken his mother but he can only hear his mother’s heavy breathing. He puts the palm of his hands on the floor and decides to get up onto his feet. Biting the corner of his lip, he gets up onto his feet.
The white sheet drops onto the side of his mother from over his legs. Mother stirs a little and the boy remains motionless on the same position he was. She is still sleep. He lets out silent sigh. He makes his way to the door stumbling through the bright sun shining into the room from the window. The sound of his toes cracking with every movement can be heard in the lull of room. He puts his hand on the metal door handle. He turns his head over his sweat drenched shoulder and pays a half glimpse at the room. There is nothing moving in the room but an electric fan that is sluggishly turning. Mother lets out a deep sigh and turns onto her side. The boy squeezes his tight onto the door handle and turns it. Sunlight floods the room.
Sudden cut to: