Saghar Daeiri

Shopping Malls

I will find myself when my work will have a delicate part of disclaim within because I really unable to stay in a closed ideology. Maybe they say pay less attention about that but I hate it deeper than you think... I can say thousands of words, or picture our unemployed surrounded culture.
Its maybe Saghar Daeery’s goal : Painting outer life of some women of this society.But it’s not only a painting but shows her position and interpretation. For example the exhibitation’s title is “passages” that points into a specific place , comes with the subject since the active subject turns into a part of material product there..
Such judgments that has lots of violence inside, is very different to a modern formalist artist’s vision. In the second case this individuality is separated from the life. “The artist has his inner position that is visual relationships” (van Duisburg?!) Or like an historical rite that can be analized separately, it has a different experience from “self”.
But the first case, shows that nor “Self” and “work” does have specific non-historical nature.
So the clear individuality of this works will start in opposition of its origins.
Is this point of view started with franceso goya?! And completed with expersionists and continues with feminist artists?
Without putting saghar daeery to any category, I guess it’s possible that Persian painters deny that unusable an expired idea “aghlaniate zibashenakhti!?!” in order to their way of living. And at this way they may become eager to clear explanation and extra deform grotesque figures.
The girls in these paintings are clearly confined in a limitation and day seems like patients who have epidemic disease.
Remember horror movies that people have scared of unknown spacemen or infected by some kind of virus.
Beside this metaphor that external element hides within, the main shared point is “being same” and “being in the same shape” for people.
This similarity turns them to a rotten (corrupted) brain’s organic structure.The anaroxy is a good example to show the influence of external situation on women’s minds that may lead to their pitifull death.
This is what happens to these painted women. Same colors and same shapes but in different variations to absorb in today materialism and finally destroying what we named personal innovation and human activity in daily matters?!!!
So what will you do if see your homogeneous people (especially in an instant society) captive in this fake game? “Egotism” is what saghar named this situation
Do you fill all the operatives are against you? And do you fill the weight of bricks of their empty world walls on your back? Or may start to proclaim to change it?
I suggest when you visit this different and innovated gallery, use your creativity and lets her call behind this paintings come out with you to the outside of the gallery.
Alireza Rezai