Mehdi Motazedian (Dian)


The main focus in this project is on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as Drones - small military aircraft with recognition abilities - An invisible and undetectable intelligent mechanical beings that are prowling around in the skies which are becoming more and more relevant to people and governments.
Politicians have been significantly impressed by the power of their new employees in a way that it seems like they couldn’t count anything a land unless their little objects are flying over it, these aerial vehicles are in such a great shape of co-existing with their surroundings and environment that (maybe) they have become an undeniable element in each and every ecosystem in world. They are silent seekers, precise observers, and penetrative agents, sometimes they are looking after us and sometimes they are looking at us, once a beauty and once a beast. So let us just watch them first, before they watch/spy/hunt us …