Saeed Ensafi

Selected Works

Saeed Ensafi was born in 1974 in Iran. He finished a post graduate program of Cinematography at the Iranian Movie Association of the Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance in Tehran in 1996. In 2002 he received a BA in Graphic Design at the Art & Architecture Faculty of Azad University in Tehran and in 2005 he graduated with a MA for Illustration at the same university. Besides working as an artist, he was also teaching print making, fictional illustration and graphic design at the UCNA University in Tabriz from 2007-2012 and he taught the same subjects at Azad University in Tehran from 2009-10. Ensafi moved to Istanbul in 2011. It was a productive stay with several exhibitions and the founding of a school called «Illustrative Today» in 2015. The school, where he also taught the art of illustration closed after the coup in 2016. Now he is back in Tehran working as an artist. 

Saeed Ensafi has also held and organized workshops with international artists, curated exhibitions and works as an art director and senior graphic designer for a children’s picture book series in Istanbul.
Narratives, humanity and social relations are the outstanding concepts of his works. One of the main themes he has been coming back to in his work is the great war between Iran and Iraq (1980-1988), which caused the death of almost a million people as well as destruction on a scale that is difficult to recover from. Generations of people, including Ensafi, grew up in the post-war era and have experienced its aftermath as well as the myths and narratives that surround it. The city of Tehran, where the artist has lived and worked for years, is even today full of pictures of the countries martyrs.