Samira Eskandarfar


Doubles in my head… | Doubles out there, Doubles inside | Doubles of me and the other Doubles of myself and I I think we are full of Doubles | I’ve been collecting people’s photos for a year. People who interested me or reminded me of myself | Then I started painting them. I juxtaposed them instinctively | Maybe it started from my stories with myself. I was thinking I am both of them. Stories that happened inside me, in my relation with myself | The moments that I fought myself, snapped at myself, loved myself, stayed beside myself and had left myself alone | A bit later I started observing them from the outside. From the bottom of these apparently unreal relationships, it seemed like real stories were dribbling from the outside world to the outside. Stories of people that I knew and didn’t know at the same time | Everything seemed so familiar to me, as if these Doubles were couples from the beginning. As if they were made for each other, and one day I decided to imprison them in the frame of these paintings for ever. In appreciation of all the moments lived inside and outside of myself |