Shabnam Zeraati

Invisible Majority

All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams.” (Elias Canetti)


The fate of Dear Mr. Black Horse was sealed the day Mr. Colonel White Wolf approved the chemical attack on the city where the aforementioned resided with his unassuming family. That's when the unemployment rate of vultures reached 0%.


During the course of the Vultures raid on the city of rabbits, Dear Mr. Rabbit and Mrs., along with their three young children, set about a forced migration to the Land of The White Foxes.

At mere 112 kilometers into their 4220 kilometer journey, they faced shortage of provisions.

Desperate and hopeless, smart Mr. Rabbit and Mrs. saw no other way but to abandon their handicapped child in order to save the rest of their children.
422 kilometers further, they finally executed that decision.

No one, even the workaholic vultures, knows how the remaining 3683 kilometers were traveled without the handicapped baby rabbit.


Thousands and thousands of thousands of kilometers away from where the handicapped baby rabbit was abandoned, where most residents had never experienced forced or optional migration, In a land where most of the population were so white they were turning colorless, where the vultures could only be found within the frames of a TV set, Mr. Colonel White Wolf was combing his bald head to get ready for the Investors General Assembly.