Ebrahim Mohamadian


The world we are living in is a very mysterious place and in the same time, beautiful in its’ mysteriousness. Since the moment we are born we start to dig and discover about our environment. Who we are? Why are we here? Where are we? …and similar questions begins to overwhelm our being. Answering these questions, being able to define them as in academic books may not be possible ever – but the more important act is to sharpen our inner world that could take anyone of us to a path of acceptance, love, thankfulness and finally, silence. Ebrahim’s artwork is an attempt to communicate and deliberate the mentioned above topics, first of all – on a relation with itself and later, in a correspondence with the audience.
The game that all of us are involved in is perceived as life. The duality of good and evil is visible in every phenomenon, but both good and evil are capable to make us slow down, slacken for a moment on a spiral of our lives. Those moments of profound conscious or unconscious deliberation are precious. Love is the first step in achieving the concordance with the Supreme Being which is all of us - visually presented as a infinite fractal with it’s iterations sizing from infinite smallness to infinite greatness.
It is insanely beautiful how many details could be discovered in a single dot, while we still did not comprehend the abundance of meanings that it carries.
Ebrahim Mohammadian is the seeker of the truth. His language is art and the remarkable technique skills are just a way to deliberate and express his inner thoughts. The selected artworks, named “Silence” are a visual diary, an example of a daily reminiscence of an artist who is striding on a path of truth, leading to a tranquility and silence.