Farsam Sangini


All dependencies and affiliations, pleasures and joys at some point come to an end and from the moment after this my presence becomes meaningless. There are many moments of our lives that being and existing do not continue being and existing, and due to our concerns of the past and future and the stress and pressure that exist in order that we may not be present, even though we are present and physically alive.

For this collection, I have drawn the bodies at moments when they are not present and their minds are preoccupied with other things. I generally attain this detachment of self from self (a type of out of body experience) after hours of socializing with my models. A begin a friendly chat, we are no longer strangers, ice is broken and we become relaxed. The selection of female models for this exhibition was to give a beautiful form to the subject I had in mind. In my opinion the recreation of a beautiful image of the female form can emphasize this materialistic situation which we call life. An aesthetic materialism that is at the same time an escape from the intrinsic human traits of ownership and possession.