Elnaz Bandegi


What makes human being stand out from other living organisms is the concept of “death awareness”. Animals and plants with their short lifespan and without any knowledge about death and mortality, go on living absorbed in their survival instinct .They use all their potential and power to continue their presence in the field of life. However, human beings, aside from their survival instinct, become engaged with death awareness. This challenge remains present up until his death and creates a context for his religious and philosophical contemplation throughout history. It is from here that Time finds its concept in human mind and for the purpose of making reference to the past –the time elapsed- he finds the habit for recording and keeping visual memory: understanding significance of the need and effort of human for continuity of survival, and prevailing mortality through recording and going through what has happened. The affair that although makes mortality – whatever it is - more obvious, but stresses on human presence and clarifies the tragic aspects of this undying paradox, without any answer or solution.