Narges Mousavi

When It Dawned

My exhibition is about the contrast between coarseness of war and elegance of peace that I long for.
The world is full of contradiction;
The pain of seeing war-torn lands and children of war with tearful eyes blend with the pleasure of waking up at dawn to the sound of sparrows singing.
In this collection, I attempt to conceal the agony brought about weapons and missiles with a poetic touch.
Grace versus ugliness of forced labor camps, mothers who have lost a child, ruined cities, broken bones and gas masks.
Indeed, bright colors of peace prevail over darkness of violence.
In the world that I present to you with this exhibition, birds continue signing, trees are in blossom most beautifully, lullabies sung affectionately, and invisible angels in the sky and on land turn cruelty of material world into kindness.
The hope is that despite all carnages, blazes, crashing sounds of firing and nuclear threat, the world will remain a livable place.