Samira Eskandarfar

What's in your head?

 Most of the times I know what's in my head. I look at them. Sort them out. Organize them. But sometimes ... Sometimes I don't know what's going on in my head or what's exactly is in there. I like these times. 

 This is when I started making these drawings. I put the soft and slippery tip of the marker

on the glossy surface of the cardboard and let it slide. I let it slide freely and quickly. I did it when I didn't know what's in my head. 

 I let it occur. I let all those unknown things on my mind to slide on the cardboard to see what's in my head. To see very directly and Indirectly. 

 I poured out my mind on the table so together we can watch the things inside my head.

 Samira Eskandarfar