Hamed Sahihi


Most definitely, all of the innovations that humans have come up with to store information, from handwritten pages to supercomputers, have all been clear and coded | From among the tools of nature, only DNA contains such attention to detail and definition | Yet it seems we still have not amassed the strength to work directly with such a large mass of information | Through the use of an intermediary named 'the brain' we deal with a selected collection of this information, and if we were to forego a major percentage of the details, we could actually have the ability to access this stored wealth | Our dreams and memories are examples of such packages of information stored by our brain which we most often retrieve as garbled information, since no clear rules exist on how to retain or 'delete' details | There are many reasons that our dreams and memories from childhood are usually mixed together, muddled and super-ordinary; the differing distances in time, our physical difference like having possessed a smaller body, our understanding of the localities at the time, and most importantly the stages and rate of the brains growth | The distant images, blurry yet also clear, which have played such an important part in development, have in this way been turned into various creatures that depend on us to perceive them from their point of view