Javad Modaresi

Black Forest 2

Since 2011 (1389) had not painted, at least in its classic way. It mostly was experiments on material. The invaluable experiments that in each period learned a lot of things to me. I am beholden to Pablo Picasso for the value of empiricism. Picasso is the first man who learned that the Art can be happened everywhere. The possibility of the occurrence of the Art in painting (on canvas, wood, and earthenware), drawing (by pencil, coal and light and wire), in sculpture (by chalk, metal and wood), and in impromptu play with objects. Also he learned me that how to settle down on borders, reality and illusion, exactness and myth, enthusiasm and comedy, game and art, construction and deconstruction, isolation and community. Now again to adhere to this outlook I have traveled to the border of painting and drawing. Painting and drawing by acrylic on glued canvas. The reason to do this is that the shining of the acrylic material on the canvas prohibits from the good appearance of the color. This set follows the “Black Forest no.1” and I still believe that the form, focusing on basics and fundamental problems of the Art, is the most important thing .In the Art the correct statement of any non-artistic problem needs to use the correct form of that art. Even if this “correct form” results from destruction of a primitive correct form.