Samaneh Motalebi


In the Name of God

“Oh God, brandish things the way they are.”*: Mohammad the Prophet prays
Sometimes, two realities overlap, the way discovering the truth becomes difficult or, in some cases, impossible. But, people always think they see right, and believes they know. This vanity resulted from wisdom has been so deeply principled among individuals that, I suppose, nothing is more difficult than understanding how the pure and sincere desire for truth has outburst. The eyes of individuals only slip over the surface of things, and they merely see “shapes”. Their senses never penetrate inside the truth of things and tasks; as if being obsessed in a blindfold game is enough for them.**
Philium or leaf insect is a strong proof to this claim. What you see is “leaf” (such that it is sometimes even hard for zoologists to distinguish between the insect and the leaf), and what is true is “insect”!
*Mohammad the Prophet