Maryam Aeen
Abbas Shahsavar


Vâq is a mythical tree, which blooms in the morning and sheds leaves in the evening. It is also referred to a grove or a jungle with this tree. The fruit of the tree looks like a human or other animals’ head. Likewise, it has been called as Vâk, Vazaq(frog) and Qouk. However, from painters and illustrators respect, Vâq ـ which had also accounted as Dâq and Dâgh ـ is one of the septette styles of Iranian painting alongside Eslimi, Khatâyee, Farangi, Abr, Fasâli and Gereh.

One can not decide for certain if Vâq had been a kind of motif for representing the figure of mentioned mythical tree. However, by considering the fact that contemporary artists have applied the term in different variations, it could be perceived that they have not fairly understood neither the motif nor the origin of Vâq over the recent years.

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