Saleh Tasbihi


Carcinoma is a Latin word - an old word which later became ”cancer”. It means devourer. Ancient words, as you know, are true and precise and you can feel their meanings from the way they sound. Later on, Arabs followed Hippocrates and gave the name of the devourer animal to the disease and called the flesh eating crab “Saratan”. But how valid are words when the devourer eats everything slowly and devours the high and tall body to leave only the old hollow skin? That is where silence governs everything - an absolute silence in which no word is of use.

Watching this suffering in silence pushed the project of Carcinoma forward step by step. The photos are there just to record the forgetfulness and have been taken without prior decision and are also free of photographic presentation outlooks. The frames and boxes took shape slowly as the mind overflowed to cast itself into objects.

Naturally, I could not feel and thus narrate the pain as the patients themselves feel it. Therefore my narrative in this collection is the narrative of a disturbed witness who has translated his own vague feelings and thoughts into form. It is the narrative of a witness who has watched pain from a far distance, then from a closer distance and then again from far away in a swinging motion like a pendulum – and thus he could not in any way penetrate that world in his back and forth journey between the two bodies.