Masoud Momenha


Our everyday life is spent on browsing pictures and reading and hearing news of the tragic human suffering, and our thirst to see clearer and more vivid images of the consequences of war and diaspora has no end. Disturbing thirst that the media reproduced and feed us until we develop passive indifference towards the events that go around us. This exhibition attempts to reduce the speed of produced images and aims to give the viewer more time to explore and reflect on the performance of the media and humanitarian disasters that have hidden dimensions.
Masoud momenha-

Semi-transparent confronting
“Irony” series are equivocal inherently. In a direct and usual view, their frames are depleted from something that the audience was always concerned with its analysis in this framework. He reaches to the visual reading of these metal, cold and empty frameworks only when he looks at them from an unusual angle, and this is a search which is thought of by the creator of these series.
At the first layer, irony shows everything so calm and with a beautiful form and visual silence but in the next step, that is second layer, the main dimension of the work is being born and search in this semi-transparent confronting changes into an internal turmoil of representation of the effects of war on audience’s life.
Vosooghnia, Mahdi-
Fall, 1395