Sahand Heshmati Afshar

Percussion Planes

The following exhibition is a two media approach to one theme. Studying created the context through drawing and music. In this work, the context (which are based on) planes and verses. The planes and the verses in the process are generated from a drawing subject and an improvisation. In order to study them, a plane has been over drawn and a verses has been looped via percussion instruments.
In drawing, characteristics of the plane are considered which keep it in a specific relation to other portions of the drawing, a relationship which holds tonality and form.
Two drawing methods are used for obtaining such characteristics. The first method, accumulate visual features (maximal approach) layer on layer and the other method eliminate visual features (minimal approach). In these two drawing methods, the plane becomes nearly flat to the extent which the plane is about to be excluded from the relationship with other portions. Synthesis of the dialogue of these two methods is the subject of this exhibition.
In music, emphasis is on a verse which is generated in an improvisation. This verse is taken as a refrain; which the whole piece stays rhythmical. Different schemes of making pre-choruses are considered in order to prepare the context for repeating the refrain.
Hence, every music piece is a study of a verse through different dependent pre-choruses. The study has continues until the refrain is almost dissolved in its pre-choruses and the piece is nearly out of chorus-verse form.