Najva Erfani

Lion Woman

Najva Erfani's Artworks are display of women status in the past and present. That status which often presented in the form of mythical images are in order to represent the different faces of women's condition from a historical perspective in a critical measurement.
There are ironic and questionable aspect in her work both in the title and in context, that intermixe the dilemma situation of the modern women with the created images of the mythical Goddess in order to question the rise and fall of the women's world, based on observation of contemporary life.
Her former collection of the " Sterilized Eve" has modern look to the meaning of life and creation that has been considered in ancient myths from long ago.
The creation that is originating from feminine existence, are not terminated only to human reproduction , it is also consist of creation of thoughts, love, power and the liberty.
Now, in the "lion woman" collection, again, the women and her fate are central to the narrative. In ancient Middle East mythology, the Goddesses were worshiped and praised as sublime women and they were determining the human and superhuman values. Now those valid values after passing thousands of years, at the beginning of the third millennium and all these wars, are discolored or not considered valuable any more.
Woman in her own mythical world and holy place used to have both power and peace, Energies and growing force of nature were originated from her. Her motivating fertility power, assured survival and peace between humans.

The Goddess in the recent painting collection of Najva Erfani , is symbol of today's women in Middle East who is involved in war, in a place that the mythes of war, peace, creation and death have been emerged.
Women in the artist's paintings , are in a state of transformation and wandering, sometimes appear as half animal and distant from her relative human situation.
The current Middle East situation, reduces her regeneration power, thoughts creation and her passion, this time, in contrast of her peace rule, she is fighting such a warrior for her existence.
By looking to the artist's works, this meanings comes to us: "when the creation falls, war starts."

Amir Shoqrati