Leila Saboori

Vow for pass

This is my childhood road.
First time, I saw an Alam* on this road that women were tying clothes on.
Time has passed. I see tomorrows far away. The past does not tie me to the
present, I do not understand what being is.
I return to my childhood road.
I find the Alams* and their clothes.
I put the clothes together.
I get lost and found. On the road, in the clothes.
The clothes become curtains and the Curtains become a threshold for me.
Here, I put the curtains as a sign. Sign of my being.
I come to this road ,to these clothes, to meet myself.

*Alam: Alam is a long stick, usually with a height of five or six meters, which is used with colored clothes
tied on it as a sign of a request from God to be fulfilled.