Behnaz Ghasemi


An artist creates their own universe, they continuously break it down and build it back up again. They are the architects of a world that they know will never be perfect, and it is right at the moment that they’ve finished executing their creation that they know they must break it down and create it anew. They are witnesses to a cosmos they know to be incomplete. Thus, they create their own, destroy it and build once more.
Behnaz Ghasemi’s universe and the one she manifests before the eyes of her audience, has this quality. Behnaz engages in drawing, painting, writing, thinking and living. However, her audience must understand that her creations are by no means eternal. She will continue to express her work again, through different and various manners.
Human figures, birds or flowers she sometimes, seemingly, draw onto the page without clear objective; those that may appear incomplete, actually reflect a clear message for the audience as well as herself. The internal and external world resemble a threadbare garment gilded with patches that are loosely connected by a thread. This world is not one of tranquillity, rather it is an opportunity for self-discovery during the span of our existence.
Behnaz has had the courage thus far to express her universe in a raw and honest way, and this is above all else, a kindness to herself. This allows her to both gain a better understanding of herself and be able to illustrate her world to us more effectively.
The art world and the world beyond are indivisible for the artist. Behnaz knows no boundaries for this world and the knowledge we can gain from it.
Her work is an invitation to experience this inner journey into the world she has created, with all its beauty and shortcomings. The world she believes she must disintegrate in order to discover further layers of her inner workings and consciousness.