Ali Shayesteh

Body Builders

This text cannot be translated fully and comprehensivelyinto English due to its use of wordplays, jokes and such other features that are commonly used in the source language but cannot be rendered into the target language.

I have seen many neurotic people who have been wandering in the world and trying to nurture their bodies/ hoping that other people will value them/ they constantly force others to eulogize and praise them/ they polish their muscles with so many different oils and depict a fabricated image of themselves/ they regard people as gods/ if they hear there is a gathering somewhere they haste there/ if other people are not content with their manners they consider themselves worthless and when they are content they are reconciled with themselves/ they get disappointed when they lose the health and beauty of their bodies and feel so worthless that shameful and indecent acts become simple and normal to them and they become entangled in ignorance and stupidity.

Ali shayesteh