Homa Khosravi


Homa Khosravi's paintings attempt to direct viewers, from simply seeing, to the deeper more complex layers of meaning .Through her paintings she invites us to think and contemplate ,not only about the human form but also every living organism.
She treats plants as human bodies. Implicitly diving within this world as aventurer with the aid of her appliances, considering it an adventure ,in search of a revelation, while inviting the viewer to accompany her.
In Homa's narrative the interior of the human body is similar to a vast land abundant with delicate fragile plants, ever in danger of contamination .A land that is eventually overtaken by the plague.
The "dissection" is in fact the exploration of this land.Through autopsy Homa tries to display the flora and fauna of existence and decay,side by side.
In the aftermath of her revelation, she portrays pests and afflictions that every living organism, whether by choice or unwittingly,is forced to face.
Beyond the apparent beauty of her paintings, she denies perfection and immortality to depict the process of exhaustion, suffering and decay through the language of the imagery.
Although the conceptual interpretation slightly differs, her works executed on canvas are also faithful to the same process.
So in this category of paintings, the viewer becomes aware of wild eyes staring back at him from amidst these plants,leaving him in a state of vulnerability.
It is as if Homa's story of demise is to be held accountable for each and every observer. Homa Khosravi's paintings speak of a certain fate,stating that nothing can prevent the deterioration of the flesh.

Mohamad Moin Aldini