Toktam Sahebi

The Crossing

As a woman who has lived in different and multicultural societies, inspecting about identity is one of my main obsessions.
An identity formed by time, space, history, art, nature, its roots and fruits.

Studies and researches in the middle ages art and far east art, mythology, dreams, symbology and cultural relations of east and west art, have made a valuable influence on my work layers.

For creating my works I use different mediums and depending on my needs I change them.
Sometimes an idea can be made and completed as a painting, drawing or a print, but sometimes it needs more dimensions such as sound and motions and etc, and this is how this became an animation or a video.
Motion helps to show the time and place, also it makes some hypnotise and focusing on the audience.
It takes the audiences on its journey and makes a deep connection.

Each piece is like a note taken from a journal, which forms the passing of time with all of its bitter and sweet memories in an image.

Toktam Sahebi
December 2018