Ahmad Morshedloo


Untitled is a collection of Still-Life’s taken from the fringes of contemporary life. These are heads without arms or legs that stare at the silence of cold walls. An ineffectiveness in my blank stares that has for years created roles in my mind’s small room along with one signature for an unwritten contract for each person along with a face to validate the agreement. (Each human being validates a contract with their face.)

The heads are on decorated boards that were discarded next to garbage containers or in streets empty of automobiles.

Uninhabited empty lots are no different from palaces full of people who have no vote. Whether single painted faces or skinned sheep heads; No one plans an approach to a suffocating atmosphere.

Not only do I not see myself as a special exemption from the principles of a useless habitat, I feel just as sorry for those who have for years held the status of art lover or aficionado yet have had the motive to make war with it: erase opposing views, ignore a variety of approaches, negate the rights as they see fit of useless people in their texts of the tales of art history! With this in mind that the newer generation follows the same type of worship as the older generations! With the hallucinations that the eyes of future beings will be blinded by manufactured futility…

In hopes of sighted pupils in the years better than ours to come.

Ahmad Morshedloo
Winter, 2018