Hanieh Golabi | Mahsa Saleknejad | Maryam Torabi

Something About This City

Most of Iranian people consider Tehran as the definition of civilization.
When it seems to be a missing point in the sentence above, that’s because of its compatibility with a naked truth more than its words being exaggerated. When the necessity of facing the truth force us to be a witness to the city non-stop destruction and reconstruction, consciously or not we will be aware of its last attempts. A struggle which if doesn’t turn to a complete failure, in the best case scenario would be finished without anyone actually wins in the suburb. The place where increasing hunger of city for reconstruction has brought an opposite definition for civilization or even culture itself.
According to the first sentence of the statement, it seems that this city got everything included wishfully; there is greed beyond every dreamy wishful world border, as well as there is a city without civilization (civilized living) beyond every single “unstability” when passing by Tehran and all of “Tehrans” being reborn inside it and by side.
Hassan Zaki