Lolitaa Baratpour

Hesitation of Color

Watching black,& white pictures,its been a long time ,some internal attraction caused my imagining disturbances that born in my paintings.These pictures are colorless ,but beautiful,& stiff yet,reminding good old days , telling stories of re experiencing.They are telling us their emotions ,& make us to explore their own essence, listening to their non claiming words ,without using the magic of colors.Watching these pictures leads me to past years,& yet remindes me of my surrounding facts of present time.
In these series of my art works,Grey figures are found among colorful spaces.Theses figures are icons of old days,filled with experiences,glories.wishes,tries ,& humanistic ambitions.In my imaginating words, the figures make old ,& new neighbourings, which claim the presence of the paradox around my space.The paradox makes the challenge between old,& new values,& this is one of the dimensions of the world we are living in.