Curator: Mohamad Khezri Moghadam

Even if my eyes don't see Agha Mohammad Khan

Slaughter, plunder, and rape occur in every invasion and incursion. The crowned eunuch Agha Mohamad Khan, the first king of Qajar dynasty, attacked Kerman two centuries ago to overthrow Zand dynasty. His inability to conquer the city and his belittlement by the inhabitants of the city deepened his anger and hostility.
Finally, the betrayal committed by one of the Zand commanders led to the opening of the city gates which in turn brought about the pulling out of thousands of eyes by Agha Mohamad Khan. This catastrophe made Kerman the eye-site of the history. After that, people's commutes, business, and exuberance diminished, and scarce lights were lit in the houses.
The art exhibit at hand is the outcome of 6 Kermani photographers' consideration of this historical event based on the related written and oral narratives.