Majid Fathizadeh

The Mire

A twilit corridor...walls covered with black cloth......I have joined
men and women, dressed in black, who are staring at nowhere. A
sound of a whimper, a wail or a shout is heard.....walking
in a path full of commotion and anxiety. Every once in while it comes
to an end and just then between the black bands an opening to the
outside is visible. An endless desert with layers of dust in the distance
and hills, where a sound of silence comes from them and presses my heart.

In this place, I feel so spontaneous and weak as if I've gone down in
rapture, mesmerized or captured in a delusion or even a strange dream
full of anomalous and foolish events. And this is when that
legendry maze seems so real.

These memories and pictures may seem exaggerated, but I can see their
clear influence on daily behavior and actions, I become more certain that
everything that passes by in front of our eyes is the dominant
cogitation on the structure of our lives in this period of time, not
the temporary tears due to the loss of our loved ones.
In my opinion, getting used to such existence is losing the truth that is
achievable, and deserves love, not ignorance. And all this, in a land where a
cuneiform petrogluph places the formation of happiness after the
creation of sky, earth and man.

That maze has so delicately taken root in our entity and associated
every single moment of our lives from past till now and its impact is
seen on our daily behavior.

The policy of ‘’happiness is equal to inexistence” is a policy that turns life
into another world and every joy into a crime and what remains of
social communities is mourning...