Kambiz Sabri


Most of the inner dialouges of man are reflected in his method of life. He experiences life from the exact moment of birth or even earlier through various stimuli. And demonstrates various reactions dependent on the circumstances he encounters. Earlier reactions in dealing with these stimuli will serve as a model for survival, unless he becomes discontented with results experienced, which will entice him to try to change his reactions and his outlook on the concept of “being”.
Human reactions to life’s stimuli begin with sounds or words, leading to an amalgamation of happy or sad screams and songs, poems and protest, and tears and laughter. In the midst of all this, moments of silence bring about meaningful contrast. Love, pain and fear are familiar and as we learn during our lives, undeniable, experiences. Our fears, according to Lueis Bourjois, are rooted in the horror of being captured in the clutch of the past, the anxiety of an uncertain future, being lost in the present and an endless resistance against indifference. Undoubtedly, without these factors, human beings would have no motivation to show a reaction.
In the work presented in this exhibition, the issue of “being” confronts “life” itself. The birth of humans from the various human races into this world, reminiscent of a fish releasing its spawn into the boundless sea, without any care for their future. In turn, the baby fish are suddenly confronted with sudden experienes of unkindness, which makes them to reflect at times with wrath and grudge, and other times with peace, love and light.
All of this will eventually lead us to selfwareness, which would allow us to realise our path in life. Perhaps this path will revert us to the purity of childhood and allow us to leave this aquarium of life, handing over the field to a newborn baby for a new battle. According to Sa’dee:
Whoever came built a new home but left it to others upon leaving this world
The greatest obstacle to the efficacy of this selfawareness is the painful mundanity of today’s society, devoid of love and creativity. Routine waking up and going to sleep, where nothing finds true meaning. A society in which human beings are preoccupied with their own problems, indifferent to others, and having grown tired of expressing affection to their fellow human beings. As Bourjois stated, this will lead us to the fear of chronic indifference, on the back of which we forever dream of being relieved of this lingering pain.
Kambiz Sabri, Spring of 2013