Shabnam Zeraati

You Look Worn Out

One day, Mrs. A lost her soul.
She was quiet down for few days for the fallen disaster.
Finally, after three days and two minutes living soulless, she decided to find it even if it was a needle in a haystack.
She started with the police. It didn’t work out.
The next plan was announcing wherever possible. But, seven days passed and she could find neither hide nor hair of her lost soul.
Finally on the eighth day, her eleventh-hour decision was to go to the market and buy a well-made, brand new soul. She dropped in four corners of the bazaar seeking the cheapest soul possible. It’s not hard to understand why, right? First, she didn’t have enough money, then she has to pay the rent, electricity, and …
So, as I was saying… Her new soul functioned pretty well for the first two days… but on the third day, it started formenting trouble. In brief, from that day on, the new soul never worked as good as the first one.
On a Friday morning at 9 AM in October, Mr. B.A. started wondering what he is doing in this world. At 9:03 AM, Mr. B.A. put a question mark over his entire existence.