Hamed Sahihi

The Heads

Imagine a stick-man drawn on a piece of paper who lives in a two-dimensional world! Unlike us, he has no concept of a third dimension | If you take a pencil and push it through the paper making a hole, the only thing our friend sees is a dot that appeared for no reason and is slowly becoming a line | This is an example offered in physics to explain dimensions simply | We ourselves lack the proper tools to comprehend dimensions greater than the three dimensions of space and the one of time which were are able to experience with own senses | At the same time we experience things that cannot be explained in the realm of these 4 dimensions | For example we may dream about an event that takes place later in real life or "comes true", or we experience the phenomena of deja vous, or we make inexplicable predictions that originate in a fictitious organ that we label our "sixth sense" | Most of these phenomena take place inside our heads, apparently with the aid of a yet undiscovered tool that becomes functional from time to time | It is as if our own head is that same intersection of pencil and paper | In the collection "The Heads" two dimensional figures have three dimensional heads, either concave or convex, and the relationship of painting to sculpture is a metaphor for our connection to a world of dimensions outside our realm of conception