Poya Parsamagham


The way i work is that I choose a film, I play it on the dvd player and with my handy-cam i stay put for an interesting character to appear on the screen. When that happens i turn on my handy-cam and through a telephoto lens start chasing the character as if i am making the film; I take over the direction of the film. In the end the original film plot loses its integrity and no longer has control of its characters.

Watching films has become the most consistence part of my routine life. I could easily say that i see the people in the films i watch more than i see my own friends. The films' characters hold a constant presence in my mind.

In essence i hijack characters, and scenes from the films, manipulate them so that they seem to portray real people in real life situations, as if i have been hired to have someone under surveillance: wanderers who cannot be identified. Characters who no longer belong to the safe world of their film and from the moment i start chasing them they enter the unsafe and real world of mine.

Pouya Parsamagham, 2012