Bijan Akhgar

In circulationun-circulation

Buses have been the main object of my childhood desires and the purpose of my wanderings: staring at their every particular detail, and being totally infatuated with their “ behavior “ “bodily movements “ and sounds in different conditions (parking, barking, etc. ). Thus, the enchanting and relaxing experience of attending ( repeatedly ) at the shrine of passenger service garages gradually brought about a profound and reach subjective treasure which, in retrospect , amounts to a kind of initiation _ getting familiar with a mode of being.
But it was not just looking and listening . making of two – dimensional models of buses , and organizing a play following the details of what was going on in the garages in a daily manner , made the business ever more realistic and elaborate. Now , the goal of the series some of them presented here is not a direct reconstruction or representation of that experience . Drawing on that material , reforming and deforming it, the works instead can be thought of as explorations into the possibilities and connotations of that immanent world , that “mode of being” ; explorations which transcend the purely personal level of their point of departure.